The word Ubuntu means a person is only a person through other people.  You are human through relationships; we have an interdependence, which means when we feel connected, acknowledged, and listened to, we are more likely to feel settled.  Ubuntu is about compassion and kindness.  This humanistic philosophy is central in the Compassion Focused Therapy approach underpinning our services.    


Neuroscience, evolutionary theory and wisdom of the East (Buddhist philosophy and meditation practice) shaped the development of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), which was pioneered by Professor Paul Gilbert.  Compassion is defined as a sensitivity to the suffering in the self and others with a deep commitment to alleviating that suffering.  So it is both paying attention to suffering and taking action to do something about it.


Here at Ubuntu we are passionate about CFT and are working on research projects to understand more about how to help individuals and organisations use CFT methods in order to alleviate distress.  We are involved in teaching, team development, staff health and wellbeing.  We partner with to develop Compassion Focused Coaching and Leadership with training events planned for 2021.  Visit Indigo website for more details and to book. We also partner with which combines 360-degree videos of nature with mindful audios to help people find space for nourishment and reflection.


Evolution has shaped our brains to have primal motives and desires as well as to have the capacity for formidable intelligence.  It takes effort, training and wisdom to recognise what can occur in our complex and fascinating but tricky brain, and to choose a helpful path for ourselves, our families, communities and society as a whole.  We would like to share with you what we know from the science of psychology and neurology to help you to have a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself and to offer you the freedom to choose the philosophy of ubuntu.